Success Factors for Advising Technology Implementation

Published: October 1, 2021

What does it take to successfully implement advising technologies? ASN core partner EDUCAUSE, working with SOVA, offers a new institutional readiness assessment tool to support your efforts to find the answer for your campus.

Success Factors for Advising Technology Implementation: Insights from Practitioners and Providers to Support Reflection, Action, and Improvement includes exemplary institutions and discussion questions to:

  • signal the critical importance of campus conditions in the successful and quality implementation of advising technology
  • help teams build capacity by considering the extent to which their leadership, culture, and existing technology ecosystems are ready for new advising technology solutions
  • help orient key stakeholders and selection teams to typical prioritized product capabilities and user-experience considerations, in order to support successful procurement and implementation of advising technology

To develop this content, EDUCAUSE collaborated with Sova to bring together “learning teams” that comprised cross-functional representatives from an institutional partner and a software solution provider. These teams were then led through a series of “appreciative interviews” based on theĀ Appreciative Inquiry model, an organizational development approach grounded in the research-based conviction that intentionally engaging in strengths-based, guided deliberation can produce rich insights into complicated issues. The appreciative inquiry discussion guide is included for campus teams and solution provider partners who want to replicate this activity with their own context in mind.