We’re a network of national higher education organizations dedicated to supporting your efforts to build a culture of student success and deliver equitable value on postsecondary education.

Our support is designed to accelerate adoption of holistic advising redesign to achieve our vision of a higher education landscape that has eliminated race and income and predictors of success.

Ways in which we’ve partnered with institutions, community-based organizations, and systems in the past include:

  • Engaging teams in a robust self-assessment to understand how your institution is currently serving Black, Latinx/a/o, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and poverty-affected students, and to set strategic goals related to advancing their success.
  • Delivering professional development workshops for faculty, staff, and administrators to enhance practices aligned to improving educational equity
  • Addressing siloes by engaging a cross-section of the institutional community in change management visioning and processes
  • Applying student-centered design to policy, programming, and integration of student success initiatives
  • Advocating for asset-based cultures, structures, and business models in higher education
  • Providing 1:1 coaching support to begin implementing promising practices in holistic advising.

Interested in discussing holistic advising redesign for your institution?

Areas of Support

As trusted advisors, we work with you to understand the opportunities for redesign and provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and guidance to enhance your student supports. Successful holistic advising redesign enables advising that is sustained, strategic, integrated, proactive, and personalized and results in equitable outcomes for Black, Latinx/a/o, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and poverty-affected students.

Our areas of expertise include:

Leadership Commitment

We help you champion the vital role of advising in student success. We explore sustainable business models and assist in strategic planning and communications with the broader campus community.


We foster collaboration among your advising team to establish a unified mission and vision for exceptional advising. Our training and professional development opportunities empower your advisors to deliver sustained, strategic, integrated, proactive, and personalized supports.

Process and Student Journey Mapping

We dive into your current practices, mapping out the student journey to identify areas for improvement, ensuring a smoother student experience.

Cross-Functional Alignment

We work with your teams to evaluate the connections between your student support programs and create actionable plans to seamlessly integrate your student success initiatives.

Technology-Enabled Advising Redesign

We guide your teams in making the most of technology, from procurement to implementation.

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

We bolster advising program evaluation and provide guidance for enhancing assessment cycles with student input. Additionally, we offer tailored professional development for your staff and faculty with advising responsibilities.


Who we’ve served

Infographic: 132 institutions | 72 Community Colleges | 39 HSIs | 7 HBCUs | 1 TCU
A map of the United States, with shading and numbers to indicate the number of institutions in each state that have worked with the ASN

The Advising Success Network has engaged with the following organizations and institutions to support holistic advising redesign efforts:

Frequently Asked Questions

How were services developed? Mask Created with Sketch. Mask Created with Sketch.
  • All of our services were co-developed by our founding partners, leveraging their areas of expertise: NASPA, Achieving The Dream, AASCU, The National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, NACADA the Global Community for Academic Advising, and EDUCAUSE. Learn More About the Network
  • Services went through rigorous review processes and testing, involving feedback from practitioners and students. 
  • As continuous improvement is an ASN recommendation, we are committed to regular refinement cycles.
How can my institution prepare for an engagement with the ASN? Mask Created with Sketch. Mask Created with Sketch.
  • Consider who would be included in a cross-functional team for this work. We recommend the team includes representation of faculty with advising responsibilities; primary-role advisors; decision makers representing advising, student supports, IR, and IT functions; and Provosts or senior leadership where possible.
  • Identify an institutional lead who will serve as the ASN’s primary point of contact and will lead internal communications and coordination with the cross-functional team selected.