Career Advising as a Tool for Student Success and Educational Equity

Published: November 3, 2021

From ASN partner The National Resource Center on the First Year Experience and Students in Transition, this volume on Career Advising as a Tool for Student Success and Educational Equity is the second of a three-part series of case studies (find the first on Academic Advising here) concerned with demonstrating innovation, institutional transformation, and advising initiatives focused on advancing equity.

What do the case studies show us? Integrating academic and career information is an important part of the advisement process.

The scope of career advising extends from helping students access career information to the teaching of a career-planning course for academic credit, mentorship, and beyond. Several areas on campus may be involved in providing a comprehensive career-counseling and information service to students such as advising and counseling services, career-planning and placement centers on campus, and even the library system. The case studies included in this volume represent various institution-types with a range of advising structures. Both pilot programs and established programs on the campus are considered, and each demonstrate evidence of cross-functional collaboration in the design and delivery of advising and of innovative approaches to student support which position equity at the center.