Biases in Tech Series

Published: November 9, 2023

A smiling student with long brown hair sits cross-legged in a bright colored seating area, with her sticker-covered laptop open on her lap.

The Advising Success Network and EDUCAUSE present the Biases in Tech video series. In this series of short videos, practitioners discuss whether tech is biased, if there can be biases in advising technology, negative effects, remedies, approaches, and more.

Biases in Technology Series Trailer (2:48)

Is Tech Biased? (3:31)

Can There be Biases in Advising Tech? (4:22)

Negative Effects of Bias (6:14)

Remedies and Strategies to Reduce Bias in Advising Tech (6:50)

What Should be Done? (4:13)

Changes or Modifications (5:27)

Pandemic Impacts (9:09)