Using Data and Technology to Transform: Case Studies

Published: March 28, 2023

From ASN core partners EDUCAUSE and Achieving the Dream, we are proud to publish two new case studies that examine the role of data and technology in institutional transformation.

How South Texas College Transformed Advising Using Technology and Data outlines detailed strategies to:

  • Involve students in the planning process.
  • Approach technology implementation as a lever for people and process
  • Mapping your processes is not a one-time or solo activity.
  • Allow time for institutional collaboration and acceptance.
  • Prioritize the integration of technologies on the technical and user sides.
  • Clarify expectations about the adoption of innovative technologies for all
  • Project management skills can make or break a Dx strategy.

A Quest for Success: How Technology and Data Transformed Middle Tennessee State University outlines strategies to:

  • Cultivating multilevel leadership is critical to digital transformation.
  • Democratize data to fuel transformation.
  • Create protocols to guide engagement.
  • The value of data and technology comes from how they are used, not their
    mere existence.
  • Don’t be afraid to go big.
  • Value your people in words and in actions.