For Us, By Us: A Student-Inclusive Approach to Redesigning Advising

Published: January 30, 2023

We are proud to publish research findings related to how institutions and organizations can engage students in their work, developed by Advising Success Network Fellow Deja Kenion.

In 2022, the Advising Success Network had the opportunity to work with a team of undergraduate and graduate students attending different institutions as part of the very first cohort of ASN Student Fellows. As part of the student fellows’ experiences, they worked on group research projects related to racial equity and advising, and developed student-facing overviews of their final papers about their studies.

This proposed research study was developed by a graduate student as part of the Advising Success Network (ASN) to explain and explore the lived experiences of the ASN fellows in conjunction with the impact of their engagement. The significance of this study is to share the benefits of a student-inclusive approach to redesigning advising. Institutions and organizations can value receiving students’ direct input, notably when the purpose is to support the targeted student population.

Download their overview to learn more about reflections on how higher education institutions can incorporate students’ voices and engagement into their operations and strategy.

About the Author:

  • Deja Kenion (she/her) was an ASN Student Fellow while pursuing a master’s degree in Student Affairs at Clemson University and working as a Social Justice Educator. She earned her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.