Senior Leadership Guidebook for Holistic Advising Redesign

Published: June 7, 2021

New from ASN core partner American Association of State Colleges and Universities, comes a guidebook designed for institutional leaders to guide and support holistic advising redesign.

Senior leadership teams have become increasingly concerned about students’ ability to navigate college bureaucracies, policy barriers, and campus procedure complexities amid escalating pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the societal response to systemic racism. From an institutional standpoint, contributing factors include fluctuating enrollments, tuition revenue, and technology capacity for virtual operations. Likewise, added pressures for students stem from financial stress, shifting to an online learning environment, and a lack of technology resources to succeed.

The elevation of academic advising’s role, especially in these unprecedented times, allows senior and mid-level leadership teams to integrate timely policies and practices to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice and underscores the institutional mission and core values of success for all students—especially those who are racially minoritized and poverty-effected.

This guidebook presents key opportunities for creating mechanisms to stand up an advising model infused with best practices. These include mapping advising processes centered on student success, ensuring equitable outcomes for all students, implementing evidence-based practices to accelerate transformation, and creating a continuous quality improvement culture.