Holistic Advising Awards Case Study Collection

Published: January 4, 2024

Introducing the Holistic Advising Awards case studies from the Advising Success Network. This resource features institutions implementing advising solutions that reduce educational inequalities. The five institutions demonstrate a commitment to holistic advising with multifaceted approaches.

Through varied approaches, the awardees display efforts to understand their unique student populations and address assumptions and biases about students in advisor-student interactions, policies, and technologies. They develop teams that work to understand the lived experiences, talents, aspirations, and needs of their students while incorporating student voices and perspectives in designing the ideal student advising experience. All of the case study examples utilize cross-functional teams and support a robust student success agenda through collaboration across their campuses.

As recipients of the Award, these institutions model successful approaches to redesigning advising practices within a variety of higher educational contexts. The case studies present powerful examples that may be applied across other institutions to initiate a culturally responsive shift in advising practices.

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